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HF Gate for RFID Open Access Control and conference Attendance

HCT-HG-5220 HF Gate reader is a high-performance channel device, It integrated long range HF reader, antenna and infrared sensor and buzzer, light alarm device. It support read/write tags applying with ISO/IEC 15693, it is an ideal solution for open conference attendances system, barrier-free access, access control, digital scenic as well as valuables security, cargo channel orientation Identification

It has features as below:

Long Reading Distance & High Efficiency

HCT-GT-5220 gate reader integrates with long range HF reader and high-performance antenna which can read/write

a range of more than 120cm and read 50 tags per second.

Inventory Tags in Two-dimensional Orientation

HCT-GT-5220 gate reader uses advanced antenna switch technology to inventory tags in two-dimensional orientation.

Regardless of the orientation of tags, they can be inventoried as they pass through the channel.

Reading Selective Tags

HCT-GT-5220 gate reader can achieve selective reading of tags by setting different values of the tags' AFI value. It is applied to read a specific tag on the intensive occasions.