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The HCT-LFR-80404A is a low cost and high performance long range 125kHz proximity card reader for reading ID code from uem4100 compatible read-only tags.

The HCT-LFR-80404A is ideal for installations incorporating parking control, personal identification, access control and through-wall, hands-free, logistic etc. and long read range applications.

The HCT-LFR-80404A reader packages all the electronics in one rugged, weatherized epoxy resin enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance for reliable performance anywhere, attractive and easy-to-install indoor/outdoor


l  High sensitivity and reliable performance

l  Built-in transceiver antenna for maximum performance

l  Maximum effective distance up to 100CM

l  Less than 100ms decoding time

l  Low power dissipation with single power supply

l  Multiple output format optional

l  Built-in buzzer

l  Potted for environmental protection


l  Power Requirement     

Operating Voltage :+12 VDC linear power supplies are recommended

Max Average Curent 12V: 350mA

l  Interface/output format:Wiegand 26 , Wiegand 34  RS232  RS485 or other  optional

l  Cards/Tags:compatible with EM4100

l  Typical Maximum Read Range:Range up to 100mm even more longer in ideal conditions

l  Frequency :125kHz typical

l  Transponder:Read Only

l  Audio/visual Indication:Buzzer output

l  Operating Temperature:-20° to + 55°C

l  Color:Black

l  Dimension (Width x Heightx Depth):300mm x 300mm x40mm

l  Weight:about 2.5 Kg